Can I password protect directories? To password protect directory: Login into your cPanel and click on the Password Protect... Custom php.ini for cPanel shared hosting Do you want to modify the global php.ini file to accommodate a script you are installing. You... How to change permissions (chmod) of a file using File Manager Permissions can be a very important thing when it comes to your hosting account. Some permissions... How to change the password of your cPanel account There may be times where you would like to change the password of your account. It is recommended... How to create/edit/delete a file using the File Manager There may be times when you wish to create, edit, or delete a file or folder in your account. You... How to download a home directory backup Backups are very important part of maintaining a website. It is important to backup your files on... How to generate/download a full backup A full backup is a backup of all of your files, e-mail, databases, etc. To run a full backup, you... How to install a script using Softaculous Softaculousis the leading Auto Installer having 270 great open source scripts, 1000 PHP Classes;... How to log into cPanel   There are a few ways to log into cPanel. The best way depends on if your domain name has... How to redirect a subdomain to another page You might want your sub domain to redirect to another page. To do this, please do the following:... How to setup Cron Job To set up a cron job, follow the steps below:Log in to your cPanel and look for the Cron Jobs... I accidentally deleted the public_html or www folder. If you delete the www folder, your site should still load properly. If you delete the... Viewing your disk space usage. Login to cPanel, and under Files, click Disk Space Usage. This page shows you where disk space... What is a subdomain name? How do I create and delete one? A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name....
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