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In order to access your WHM, you need to add /whm after your domain name (provided the domain is pointed to your VPS with us). So, for example, if your site is, you will be able to access your WHM interface by visiting

Please note that you might be redirected to the secure server hostname (
When the page opens, you will be asked to login with your username and password. The username is your cPanel username and the password is your cPanel password. If you refuse to enter the login credentials now and click Cancel, you will see the default WHM login page:

Once you log in, you will see the WHM Home/Main page:

In the left column are all the options you have for managing your hosting service. They are divided into several sections and there is a Find option for quickly finding the option you need.

The names of the sections are pretty much self-explanatory and we will cover the most important ones in our tutorials.
The sections you will probably visit the most are Packages and Account Functions. This is where you can create, edit and remove hosting packages and accounts. We will cover these in more details next, so read on.

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