What is WHM?

WHM is short for Web Hosting Manager

It is the administrative part of the cPanel control panel software for managing all aspects of a hosting service.

WHM allows you to create and manage hosting accounts, add and edit hosting plans and features and, as a whole, manage your hosting server via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

All Reseller solutions provided by HostGoodies come with WHM reseller access so that our customers can use their Reseller Accounts for hosting more websites, creating more flexible hosting plans and even for reselling hosting space to their own customers.

In our WHM tutorials we will show you how to manage your VPS using the WHM interface. You will learn how to manage new and existing accounts, how to create new hosting plans, how to edit DNS zones, how to enable SSH access to the server and some other useful things that will help you take control of your Reseller account and benefit from the advantages it provides.

Below are some useful links that will guide through this tutorial:

 - First Steps in WHM - Initial Login and a Quick Tour
 - Managing Packages
 - Managing Accounts
 - Feature Manager
 - Managing DNS Zones
 - Managing Softaculous

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